Use 1 tsp. Instead of Eggs to each one cup of flour. Flour or other starches such as fine crumbs is
necessary to bind and make a product that is moist and delicate. Measure
Instead of Eggs into flour with other
dry ingredients.

Instead of Eggs calls for major fat reduction in recipes. A general rule of thumb with your own recipes,
cut the fat requested in half. It works best when not more than ¼ to ½ cup fat to 2 cups flour is used in
cakes, cookies, and similar baked goods. Experiment with this ratio.

Instead of Eggs enhances the quality of egg-use in:

cakes - muffins - waffles - cornbread - cookies - cake brownies - banana and fruit breads

*Baked products should be tested for doneness by pressing with a finger to see if product springs bake when touched in center.
*Over baked cookies may turn hard.
It is difficult to give a standard formula for a cake mix due to the varied ingredients of each. Omit the fat and
eggs in recipes given.

The following formulation works well for most mixes:

Add unsweetened applesauce in place of the fat. Add 1¼ level teaspoons of Instead of Eggs to the dry mix.
Add water required and more if needed to bring to a standard batter consistency. Applesauce works especially
well in many cake and cookie recipes. Substituting applesauce usually makes up the volume yield of the product.
The amount of applesauce used may be ¼ cup in place of each egg omitted or the amount of fat reduced.   

Betty Crocker and Pillsbury cake mixes may be made using Instead of Eggs. Use 1 teaspoon Instead of
, 2 Tbsp. oil, 3 Tbsp. applesauce. Blend together with mix and add water as directed. Bake until center
bounces back when lightly pressed. It may require a longer baking time than the directions on the box indicate.
Use 1½ tsp. Instead of Eggs and ¾ cup of water. Because brownie mixes vary, the amount of Instead of
and water may have to be altered.
Eggless Recipes